About Us


Our Vision:

We envision a nation where personal freedom is cherished and where all Americans are treated equally assuring our ability to pursue the American Dream.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Garland County TEA Party Patriots is to RESTORE our Constitutional Republic and to fight to PRESERVE the freedoms granted by God as laid out in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We affirm our Core Values of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government and Free Markets in our City, our State, and our Nation.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that the best government is one that is closest to the people and that is guided by our foundational principles and constitutional roots.
  • We believe that it is the citizen’s responsibility to be informed and engaged in the political discourse and process in order to restore the form of government we desire.
  • We believe that it is government’s first responsibility to protect individual rights of its citizens and the citizen’s first responsibility to defend those rights.
  • We believe in no new taxes, no new debt, less government and more liberty.

We welcome all citizens who share or beliefs and encourage all citizens to get involved and help us make Garland County, Arkansas a place where the blessings of liberty are shared by all.