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Jun 092014

Bruce Westerman Advances to ‘Contender’
Arkansas Congressional Candidate Takes Second Step
In NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ Program

WASHINGTON - Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee announced that Bruce Westerman has been elevated to ‘Contender’ in the NRCC’s ‘Young Guns’ program. The program helps to provide candidates and their campaigns the tools they need to run effective, successful and winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents. Originally founded in the 2007-2008 election cycle by Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Budget Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Young Guns program supports and mentors challenger and open-seat candidates in races across the country. Westerman is running in Arkansas’ 4th Congressional District.

“Voters believe strongly that the country is on the wrong track because of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s failed legislation, like ObamaCare. Bruce Westerman has reached the ‘Contender’ status because he is exemplary of the new leadership needed in Washington D.C. to turn our country around and provide a check and balance in Washington,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden. “I am confident that Bruce will continue to work hard for his district and bring sound, conservative principles to Congress.”

Bruce Westerman has been honored to serve as Arkansas’s first Republican House Majority Leader in 138 years. Bruce now wants to take his commonsense principles to Washington to continue fighting for Arkansas families where an unfair Obama Administration governs from the top-down, picking winners and losers.

He is a lifelong resident of Garland County and sees it as a huge privilege to be sent to Congress to serve on behalf of his community. Bruce knows that serving in Congress is necessary to ensure that Arkansas children have a brighter future as well as a federal government that treats them fairly.

About Rep. Bruce Westerman

A lifelong resident of Garland County, Rep. Bruce Westerman was Arkansas’s first Republican House Majority Leader in 138 years and an architect of the House Republican SIMPLE Plan which led to the 2013 Republican takeover of the Arkansas House of Representatives.

An engineer and forester for 22 years at Mid-South Engineering in Hot Springs, Westerman is a registered professional engineer in Arkansas and six other states, and a registered forester in Arkansas. He holds a Master of Forestry degree (2001) from Yale University. In 2013, he was named Engineer of the Year by the Arkansas Society of Professional of Engineers.

Westerman graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Arkansas in 1990. While at Arkansas, Westerman was a four-year walk-on member of the Razorback Football Team. He received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award in 2005 and the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2012.

Westerman is a former board member of the Fountain Lake School District and is a deacon at Walnut Valley Baptist Church. He lives in Hot Springs with his wife Sharon and their four children.

For more information on Rep. Bruce Westerman, please visit http://BruceWesterman.com and follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/WestermanAR, Facebook at http://facebook.com/WestermanAR, Tumblr at http://WestermanAR.tumblr.com, and Instagram at http://instagram.com/WestermanAR.



Jun 082014

Garland County Tea Party
Newsletter 6/8/14

Meetings every Wednesday 11:30 to 1:oo PM at the Hibachi Grill in Temperance Hill Shopping Center

4334 Central Avenue

Next weeks speaker is Darrell Meyers, chairman of the Oaklawn Foundation  


Also price for lunch plus drink will be $9 but $8 if only water   (Originally when we went to large room it was supposed to be $9 but they never charged us)


I’m the only candidate opposed to Common Core. Vote June 10th for David Sterling!

In the contentious GOP Arkansas Attorney General runoff, David Sterling has vowed to hire conservative lawyers to help him fight the federal government’s overreach. His Republican opponent Leslie Rutledge thinks that could be discriminatory. Days before the June 10 runoff election in Arkansas, the Judicial Crisis Network is going up with a television ad and distributing voter guides that highlight their differences.

George Pritchett is a previous Garland County JP who will be running as an Independent for State Senate in Dist. 14 against Bill Sample in the November election.  George will be the featured speaker at the June 18th TEA party lunch at the Hibachi Buffet, 4334 Central Avenue which is from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  Please come to meeting and hear him speak.

What is on my mind? Plenty! But right now it is the fact that my friend BRUCE WESTERMAN is running for the US Congress. I have been working for 32 years to turn Arkansas (& the USA) back to our roots. I encourage ALL my friends to go for BRUCE. He stood against those wanting to establish Obamacare in Arkansas.I you what to know who I support this primary for US Congress… NO DOUBT IT IS BRUCE WESTERMAN!!! — Micky Gates

The Republican Headquarters was busy with the arrival of Tom Cotton Saturday afternoon. The main purpose was to do some phone banking, a survey of 6 questions. There was a good crowd just to talk to their Congressman. Tom addressed the folks telling them he appreciated all the work done up to this point. He cautioned everyone not to slow down now but keep the multi-point effort going to the final election day. Some random pictures of the folks. Pizza and cookies were the goodies of the day.
Save the Date

DeGray Water Project Forum

Thursday,June 12th     5:30 PM 

Garland County Library AudTtorium

Sponsored by GCTP and GGGG

The DeGray Water Project  – What is it?

What will it do your utility bills?        

What can you do about it? 

One more day tomorrow to early vote from 8AM-5pm.
Tuesday 7:30am-7:30pmRemember that your vote counts more in a runoff election than it does in a primary election. And it counts more in a primary election than it does in a general election. Always vote, but never fail to vote when your vote might just be the one needed to get your person in office.
The Chamber’s Grand Plan
Don Thomason’s recent article in the Sentinel-Record, reported on the Chamber’s plan for the re-vitalization of Downtown.  This plan is put forth by a group with a vested interest in the outcome but no actual ownership of the properties.  The flaw in this plan is that it tries to get around the responsibilities inherent in the exercise of Eminent Domain.  They use unreasonable building codes, whose only purpose is to force property owners to abandon their property.  This is a blatant violation of Arkansas’ Constitution, Article 2, §1 “All political power is inherent in the people and government is instituted for their protection, security and benefit…” and §2 “All men…have certain inherent and inalienable rights amongst which are…enjoying and defending life and liberty; of acquiring, possessing and protecting property…”  For the Chamber’s plan to work they will have to leave out the rights of the property owners and the City Board will have to abrogate its prime responsibility to protect the property rights of all citizens. 
To wit: the politicians create unnecessary laws and regulations knowing that property owners can neither afford to meet the requirements of the law nor fight City Hall.  They are left with selling at depressed prices to the Crony Capitalists.  
The chink in the COC’s plan is the crushing of individual rights between the anvil of the law and the hammer of selective enforcement:
The Anvil: “Encourage…compliance of the …Thermal Basin Fire District ordinance with…flexibility to those property owners who are working to meet the new requirements”. 
The Hammer: “Create a downtown investment fund…to enable the purchase, management, remodeling, development…of selected properties located…downtown…”
The way this typically works is that current owners cannot justify the cost of complying with unreasonable code requirements that serve no practical purpose; neither can anyone else.  However, crony capitalists with connections can work with government to mitigate the risks.  For the right groups, government will clear the way for redevelopment with grants, loan guarantees and tax breaks and be willing to be “flexible” with the requirements and codes.  This allows the Crony Capitalists to insure their project against loss.  If the project works the Crony Capitalists make huge profits, the politicians get large contributions for their campaigns (or partake in the projects as “investors”).   Win or lose the rights of the taxpayer and the original property owners are violated and government fails in its primary duty to protect the rights of all citizens.
All this planning is wonderful if we lived in a country that didn’t have a Constitution; in a country where the individual is subservient to government, this would be a wonderful 5 year plan.  However, we live in a country that believes that governments’ sole reason for existence is to protect and preserve all citizens’ Creator given, unalienable rights; Life, Liberty and Property. These are powerful people who have forgotten that it is the people’s individual rights and a free market that are the basis for the success of the American Dream. 
Jock MacGregor
A personal note from me–I have noticed what a terrific job the Tunica Humane Society is doing for all the abused and discarded animals in that area. They have many foster homes that provide temporary homes and socialization for these poor animals that society rejects. Please contact the Garland County Humane Society and open your hearts and homes so we can find permanent placement for these sad animals.   Dorothy Tyler


Letter Sentinel-Record Refused to Print

Jerry Neal, candidate for State Senate District 14 reports that he delivered the following letter to the Sentinel-Record but was told by a staff person that it would NOT be published. That being the case, it seemed good to publish it here: Letter to the Editor, Sentinel-Record Feb. 26, 2014 MISREPRESENTATIONS Regarding your article about political races [...]

Go Ahead ... Make My Day

Go Ahead … Make My Day

Associated Press Award Winning Journalist Jan Morgan is Guest Speaker of the Garland County TEA Party this Wednesday at the Garland County TEA Party Luncheon at the Hibachi Sushi Buffet, 4334 Central Avenue, across from Hobby Lobby in Temperance Hill shopping area.  She will be speaking about the 2nd Amendment and challenges that we as Americans are [...]

“Private Option” Shell Game

Opinion: The “Private Option” Shell Game  by Jock MacGregor Governor Beebe tells us that because he pushed through the “private option” and they have signed up about 80,000 people that now we must keep on going headlong into the fiscal abyss.  He asks how we can leave the 80,000 who signed up in the lurch.   A better [...]