Endorsed Candidates


GCTP Endorsed Candidates in the May 2014 Primary Election
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United States Congress

Tom Cotton2
U.S. Senate

Tom Cotton
Bruce Westerman
U.S. House

Bruce Westerman

State of Arkansas

Curtis Coleman

Curtis Coleman
Tim Griffin2
Lt. Governor

Tim Griffin
David Sterling
AR Attorney General
David Sterling
Ken Yang3
State Auditor
Ken Yang
Dennis Milligan2
State Treasurer
Dennis Milligan
Jerry Neal 630x630
AR Senate – District 14

Jerry Neal
Donald Laymon2
AR House – District 22

Donald Laymon

Garland County

Cecilia Dyer3
AR Circuit Judge
District 18 E. Div. 2
Cecilia Dyer
GCTP Endorsed Candidates
Garland County
Tax Assessor
Gary West

Primary Election Carries Great Consequence

Diane Silverman

The only way we can prevent more taxation and more gov’t overreach in our lives is to put people in office who have proven they will stand with us through thick and thin, governing from their staunch commitment to lead based on Constitutionally Conservative principles.  

If  GCTP candidates endorsed in the May Primary fall short of winning….they will be out of the race and WILL NOT be on the ballot in the November 2014 General Election.  Unfortunately, if that should happen, there are no second best – or lesser of two evils that will be acceptable to vote for in November.   So it’s now or never!                           . 

  • We only have one chance to make Bruce Westerman our  4th District U.S. Congressman.
    If he doesn’t win the primary his name will NOT be on the November ballot !  That would be a tragedy.

Bruce’s opponent has never held public office. Has no conservative background  and most of his funds are from corporate interests outside district 4 and outside Arkansas.

  • If Curtis Coleman does not win his primary race for Arkansas Governor – His name will not be on the November ballot!  Curtis is the ONLY constitutional conservative in the race for Governor.  He is our only hope for no new taxes, smaller gov’t and a return to states rights. Curtis has a totally workable plan to revitalize the economy in the southern part of the state…good news!

    Curtis’ opponent, Asa Hutchinson is a RINO without a conservative record.  Asa is for the private option.

  • Jerry Neal is running for AR Senate to retire the all time RINO of RINOs, Bill Sample.
    “Arkansas Watch” said of Sample, “This Republican went to the legislature and fell in love with big Gov’t.”

Other important races that will be affected by the primary vote are Lt. Governor, Attorney Gen., State Auditor, State Treasurer, State Representative, County Circuit Court Judge and County Assessor.

Working Together Since 2009 have begun moving gov’t in the right direction.
We’ve come too far to let our guard down in 2014.
Either we WIN big or the game is over.

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